Humboldt's Gift by Saul Bellow #12

I had seen her one morning before she was made up, hurrying toward the bathroom, completely featureless, a limp and yellow banana skin, without brows or lashes and virtually without lips. The sorrow of this sight took me by the heart,

I hate it when I see pretty girls who wear make-up and then I see them without make-up and my first reaction is, "Augh!"

There was a girl I used to work with who always wore heavy eye makeup. It wasn't a big deal. Until she came in one day with none on and she looked sick. Turns out she barely had eyelashes and her eyebrows were so pale normally you could barely see them.

The truth is, she was still very, very pretty. But the change was so drastic it was startling. It made me sad.

I can't make women change how they feel about make up. But I'm always so much happier when I see a girl put on makeup and I go "Wow" than I am when I see a girl without make up and worry about her health.

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